English Martyrs go green for CAFOD

Margaret Hodgson, our wonderful Schools’ Volunteer Coordinator, recently visited The English Martyrs School in Hartlepool. 


English Martyrs students play Sometimes, Always, Never

When you finish a can of coke (or other fizzy drink) do you make sure it gets recycled? Do you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables instead of pre-packaged meals? Do you use both sides of a piece of paper? These are just some of the questions we asked students at English Martyrs to see just how environmentally aware they were.

In a change from their normal Geography lessons, CAFOD were invited in to work with the students on the issue of climate change. The game Sometimes, Always, Never is always a favourite, asking the young people to give one of the three answers to twenty questions that explore different things we could do to help reduce climate change.


Getting to grips with the climate change game

This was followed by the climate change game, a classic board game with a twist that, as the name suggests, presents students with a variety climate change dilemmas to overcome!

It was a great time to visit as we’ve just launched a new campaign, Power to Be, that asks governments and the World Bank to invest more in renewable energy. This will not only help offset climate change but also provide poor people living in rural areas with a much needed source of power. If you’d like to get involved, please follow the link to our webpage.

St Cuthbert’s, Hartlepool get creative with their fundraising!

The students of St Cuthbert’s school put their heads together and came up with some fantastic ways to raise money for CAFOD!

30.05 St Cuthberts

Mrs. Wilson with her fantastic students

At the beginning of Lent, one of our CAFOD schools’ volunteers visited St. Cuthbert’s in Hartlepool to share a story with the students about a woman called Florence and her village in Zambia- the story behind the Big Fish Lenten Appeal. The story got the students thinking, and in response to the visit, they started their efforts.

The students hosted a pyjama day to begin with, and then they followed this with a cake and a book sale, and finally they all paid some money to wear CAFOD green to school – an idea that was both fun and made people more aware of CAFOD. All in all they managed to raise an incredible £602! Mrs Wilson, the headteacher, was very proud of the students and their generosity!

Continuing with their fantastic efforts, Mrs. Emma Daley, the deputy headteacher of St Cuthbert’s has already started organising two days of CAFOD workshops for the children in Key Stage 2, which will take place later on in the term. Keep up the good work!

To find out more about the Lenten appeal, and to find out more ways on how to get involved, visit our website, or get in touch with your local staff by filling in the form below!