Happy 70th Birthday to our NHS

How many of us see ourselves as babies or children of the NHS? The vast majority of us will at some time or another have received fantastic care from the staff and doctors in our NHS. There are still others around who may remember what life was like before the NHS.  Our National Health Service is a great resource for us particularly when our needs are the greatest when a relative or ourself is sick. Here at CAFOD we want to see everyone, irrespective of where they live or how well off they are, receive the best possible care.

Thanks to the help and support of the people of our Catholic Community in England and Wales CAFOD over the last 50 years has been able to bring health care to thousands of people who would otherwise be unable to access health care. Thank you for your support and your prayers. they really does make a difference.


Tuesday 26 June Share the Journey Walk

Shraethejourney2018Come and join our Share the Journey Walk of 3.5 miles. We begin at 10.00am at Our Lady & St Joseph’s Church,  St Michael’s Avenue, New Hartley. We will walk along the coastal path.

All are welcome. Come and join us so that we can add to CAFOD’s total miles. Let’s walk around the world twice! Be in solidarity with our sisters and brothers forced to flee their homes. Pray, Reflect and sign our campaign card urging governments to protect the rights and dignity of refugees.





Share the Journey with Durham Martyrs Churches Saturday 23 June

Shraethejourney2018People of the Parish of the Durham Martyrs, Durham,  warmly invite you to join them for their Share the Journey Walk on Saturday 23 June, starting with Holy Mass at 10.00am at St Josephs Church, Gilesgate and then visiting the churches of St Cuthbert, St Godric and St Bede.

This is a great way to bring Refugee Week to a close. All are welcome!!!