High Hopes for the Holy Land

JulietteBone30-11-2018Juliette Bone, is part of CAFOD’s Step into the Gap programme.  An 11month programme where she is spending  10 months volunteering with CAFOD and the Youth Ministry Team and schools in Hexham and Newcastle Diocese running workshops and retreats on the Work CAFOD and its partners do overseas. This programme includes a visit to CAFOD partners and the communities we work with overseas. In January, Juliette will be visiting the Holy Land to see the work of Caritas Jerusalem, meeting with young people from Israel and Palestine. Here she tells us a little bit about her hopes for her pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Find out more about CAFOD’s work in the Middle East https://cafod.org.uk/About-us/Where-we-work/Middle-East.

“This year my journey abroad will be taking place in the Holy Land, as a central location to our Catholic faith this visit will be so special as it will help me explore and express my faith more fully. On my return, I hope my experiences will then help others to do the same, through my interactions with young people on retreat, school visits and engagement in the wider diocese.

Located in the Middle East, the experience will allow me to encounter new communities, cultures and people and be inspired by their stories. This encounter will allow me to show solidarity with the young people and communities I will meet, and enable me to share their stories with the young people at the Youth Village creating link between their brothers and sisters in the global south.

Finally, I hope to use the opportunity abroad to put my faith into action by supporting social justice initiatives and encouraging others to act for change. In engaging with the issues and stories people face today all over the world I hope my personal experiences will inspire myself and others to campaign, speak out more actively against injustice and fundraise for CAFOD to bring about positive change for the common good”.

Keep up to date with Juliette and the other gap year volunteers work and travels at https://blog.cafod.org.uk/tag/step-into-the-gap/.

Volunteer Centre Open Day Wednesday 28 November

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