South Sudan famine: Our worst fears have come to pass


Famine and drought in South Sudan threaten families with starvation

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Fergus Conmee is CAFOD‘s Head of Region for Africa. Here, he writes about how famine in parts of South Sudan has left people on the edge of starvation and how desperately help is needed to restore hope.

If you’ve heard about Sudan in the news recently, it was probably because President Trump included the country in his list of seven ‘banned’ countries. Yet in South Sudan, which split from Sudan in 2011, people are wondering when the focus of the international community might turn to their own – increasingly desperate – struggle.

I was in South Sudan in February. One of the people I met is Santino Matwili. It was only after I held out my hand that it became clear that he was blind, a blindness caused by hunger.

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Mr Matwili and his family were already facing a…

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Appeal launches in Hexham and Newcastle to respond to the Ethiopian Drought

Ethiopia Food Crisis Appeal 01 ADCS Mekele Herit-18 (2).jpg

Two failed rainy seasons which supply over 80% of Ethiopia’s agricultural crops has exhausted people’s ability to cope and they have simply run out of options for feeding their families and animals. We are appealing to our supporters in the Hexham and Newcastle diocese to help provide food, clean water and basic sanitation

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The devastating food shortage has been caused by two failed rainy seasons that has led to a severe drought, fuelled by one of the strongest El Nino weather patterns recorded. CAFOD’s partners in Ethiopia have been responding to the crisis since last year, reaching people with emergency food assistance and clean water. We are now appealing for £3 million to help those worst affected.

CAFOD representative for Hexham and Newcastle, David Cross, said:

“Our supporters here in the Hexham and Newcastle diocese have always been generous both in times of emergency and for our ongoing work, with many parishes and schools coming together for our Lenten Appeal.

They are out fundraising and praying for the communities in Ethiopia. Because of this, we will be able to get more emergency aid to those who need it most.”

How you can help

CAFOD is asking for people to give, act and pray in solidarity with the people of Ethiopia and those affected by the drought.

01 ADCS Mekele Herit-24 on her  plot of land

Even the smallest donation can make a massive difference to help us reach people in remote and isolated communities.

  • £16 can buy 100kg of maize to feed a family of five for a month
  • £35 provides a monthly food basket containing wheat, cooking oil and pulses
  • £83 can provide 100kg of wheat seeds for farmers to sow

Shiferaw Mamo, Programme Coordinator for our partner, the Catholic Secretariat of Ethiopia, told us:

“Whatever anyone is able to give; £5, £20 or £100, they must know that they are saving lives; what they give changes a life.”

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