Share the Journey – Darlington

Marjory Knowles,  a member of St Augustine’s Parish in Darlington, is currently ShareJourneyskernebridge2018organising walks to raise miles for the Share the Journey campaign. We held our first walk on Saturday 21st April. 11 of us walked 5 miles , a total of 55 miles, and another walk is planned for Bank Holiday Monday 7th May. One parishioner has just walked 130 klms on the Camino Sainte Jacques  de  Compostello and did this as part of our ‘solidarity walks’. I am meeting with the Head Teacher of St Augustine’s and the Chaplain at Carmel  College to include the schools.

If you would like to join-in with the walk on 7 May then please get in touch with us at the Hexham and Newcastle Volunteer Centre and we can arrange for Marjory to contact you. You may want to organise your own Share the Journey Walk. Let us know your plans.






Share the journey in Hexham & Newcastle

Record numbers of people are being forced from their homes due to war, persecution, natural disaster and poverty. We need as many parishes and schools in the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle to get walking with Pope Francis and all those people displaced by war, persecution, natural disasters and poverty. We need to open the ears of national governments and urge them to legislate to protect the dignity of every refugee.

Download your organiser’s guide from our website and get walking today. Let us know what you are doing so that we can share it with others.