Join the European Climate Pilgrims crossing though Hexham and Newcastle!

You probably know that world leaders are heading to Glasgow for the 26th conference of parties (COP26) meeting to discuss how to keep temperature rises below dangerous levels and prevent climate-related catastrophes.

But they’re not the only ones heading there: An ecumenical pilgrimage for climate justice from Poland via Germany and the Netherlands (plus a small group from Sweden and Denmark) will be passing through our diocese soon. Would you like to join them for a section of their walk?

About the pilgrimage:

The main pilgrimage of 30 people left Zielona Gora in Poland on 14th August and will arrive in North Shields on the morning of 12th October. The pilgrims will have a welcome reception at St Cuthbert’s RC Church in North Shields before walking along the Northumberland Coastal Path coast through North Tyneside and onto Blyth where they will spend their first night. They will walk the route over the next few days then reach Berwick on the evening of 18th October. From there they will continue up the coastal path into Scotland and onto Glasgow on 29th October via Dunbar and Edinburgh.

The pilgrims would welcome the opportunity to meet people as they journey through Northumberland. How about joining the pilgrims for a day or part day of walking?

Do see the itinerary here and if you think you are able to join for some of the walking then send an email to Chris and Clare Myers. We aren’t able to accommodate overnight stays and you’ll need to be aware of getting back home after your leg of the walk.

For more information on the pilgrimage, email Chris and Clare as above.

In addition to world leaders and climate pilgrims, we want to invite you to join a Global Day of Action on 6th November in London or Glasgow. Please do see the CAFOD website for more information.  Also see the article, What is COP? for more information and why it’s so important for us all.

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