From Nicaragua to Newcastle

Three overseas visitors came to Newcastle to share information about the vital work they carry out in some of the world’s poorest countries, that your generous donations have helped to fund. 


Moise, Kelechi and Winston talking to CAFOD supporters

Moise Liboto Makuta, Kelechi Emeh and Winston Berrios spoke of their experiences in Niger, Nigeria and Nicaragua respectively.

The trio all work as Overseas Programme Officers for CAFOD.

Niger suffers from regular droughts and suffered a severe food crisis in 2012 which affected five million people.

In Nigeria,  work focuses on peace building and humanitarian assistance, among other areas. In Nicaragua, work includes improving housing, water, nutrition and education.

The event was held at St Hilda’s Diocesan Resource Centre in Newcastle and the visitors were happy to answer any questions supporters had.

Moise said: “We were able to talk to the supporters about the work CAFOD has been able to do with their help.

“We also talked about how to ensure more women are included in decision-making in Africa, in Central America and elsewhere in the world.

“It was inspiring to learn from our supporters how we can have more meaningful impact in the countries we are based in.”

It was the first time Moise, Kelechi or Winston had ever visited Newcastle and they were left with a lasting impression.

Moise continued: “Newcastle is an amazing place. The time spent there made me realise that hope is the best link between the past and the future.”

The trio then headed to St Peter’s Catholic College in Middlesbrough to share stories with pupils and staff.

For more information on CAFOD’s work overseas, visit our website.

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