Stockton North MP Talks Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Mr Cunningham spoke to pupils at St Michael’s Catholic Academy in Billingham, who were joined by children from St Michael’s, St Joseph’s Primary School in Norton and Most Holy Rosary School in Billingham.
The meeting was organised by CAFOD. The Power to Be campaign focuses on how supporting cleaner, renewable forms of energy can help people living in poverty around the world.

Alex Cunningham (2)

Mr Cunningham brought forward questions to parliament

Speaking at the event, Mr Cunningham said: “Some people think we should spend money in our country but you guys are right. We need to invest in people overseas.”

 “There’s no excuse for not giving people solar panel technology.
 “We have a responsibility to our fellow human beings in order to make sure they get a better opportunity to have a good quality of life.”
Mr Cunningham promised to ask two questions at parliament and duly did on Monday July 17, asking the Secretary of State for International Development how much of her Department’s budget has been spent on renewable energy projects in each of the last five years and what investments in solar and other renewable energy sources have been made in Africa from her Department’s budget in each of the last five years.
CAFOD representative Jeremy Cain said: “The children were brilliant, expressing their point of view clearly and confidently, making an obvious impact on Mr Cunningham.
“For two questions to then be asked in parliament is a brilliant result and shows what an impression our young people can make.
“It shows that the future for these young people is definitely bright if the right decisions are made regarding climate change and renewable energy.”

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