Birtley Gig Raises Hundreds For Overseas Development

The concert was held at St Joseph’s Parish Centre on Saturday June 10 with music from local band 2econd Wind, who performed songs from the 1960s until the present day.
Around 70 supporters attended and raised £490.05, which will help St Joseph’s parish stand alongside communities overseas to fight against poverty and injustice.
CAFOD representative in Hexham and Newcastle, Jeremy Cain, said: “There was a really good turnout and thanks to our bingo and raffle, many people went home with some excellent prizes too.
“The three pairs of CAFOD socks on offer drew particular interest!
“Proceeds of course went to a really worthy cause – thank you to everybody who helped make this fantastic evening possible.”

Birtley C2 Gig

CAFOD supporters enjoyed music from 2econd wind

CAFOD volunteer Bridgid Duffy also spoke at the event about her experiences as a volunteer in Ethiopia.

Bridgid visited Ethiopia as part of CAFOD’S Connect2 scheme which links communities in England & Wales with people in the African country, as well as Brazil, El Salvador, Cambodia and Peru.
She said: “For me, the fundraiser was a huge success. The money will be very beneficial for the communities that I visited.
“I would hope that the money will be put towards the climate change adaptation programme, as the issue is extremely prominent in Sebeya in the north of Ethiopia.
“Through developing more hand dug wells, people would have more access to clean drinking water which would improve the lives of many different families in many different ways.”

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