South Sudan famine: Our worst fears have come to pass


Famine and drought in South Sudan threaten families with starvation

CAFOD blog

Fergus Conmee is CAFOD‘s Head of Region for Africa. Here, he writes about how famine in parts of South Sudan has left people on the edge of starvation and how desperately help is needed to restore hope.

If you’ve heard about Sudan in the news recently, it was probably because President Trump included the country in his list of seven ‘banned’ countries. Yet in South Sudan, which split from Sudan in 2011, people are wondering when the focus of the international community might turn to their own – increasingly desperate – struggle.

I was in South Sudan in February. One of the people I met is Santino Matwili. It was only after I held out my hand that it became clear that he was blind, a blindness caused by hunger.

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Mr Matwili and his family were already facing a…

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