Berwick School’s Fish Fundraiser

A Berwick primary school is hosting a fish-themed fundraiser on Lent Fast Day.

St Cuthbert’s primary school will have a number of activities for pupils, parents and parishioners to enjoy on Friday March 10.


Florence and the little fish is centring CAFOD’s Lent appeal

All proceeds from the event will go to CAFOD’s Lent appeal, Florence and the little fish.

Head Teacher Clare McGregor is looking forward to the event. She said: “The children have been asked to bring in a coin in so they can decorate a big cut-out fish and they can also bring in 50 pence and get a fish painted on their face.

“The children are going to write prayers on fish cut outs for Florence and the early years will decorate the giant fish.

“It promises to be a great event with lots going on.”

CAFOD volunteer Barbara Simpson is hosting an assembly during the morning for schoolchildren, parents and parishioners.

She said: “This isn’t just about fundraising because it is important to educate about global issues and justice.

“St Cuthbert’s have been great supporters of CAFOD and they have done an awful lot of fundraising. All the children are aware and know what it stands for.

“Before Christmas the school raised enough money to buy three donkeys as part of CAFOD’s World Gifts campaign and that was fantastic.”

For top ten fundraising tips, visit our website.

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