Step into the Gap: Strength in adversity

CAFOD’s Step into the Gap is the chance of a lifetime. read the account of our latest group. Who knows you could be the next person to have a wonderful experience with us.

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Bridgid Duffy, Sophie Bray and Sophie Hull, who are all currently taking part in the Step into the Gap programme, share their experiences of meeting an inspirational business woman in her bustling Ethiopian café.  

five women stood in an Ethiopian town Sophie Hull, Hannah, Lemlem, Bridgid, and Sophie Bray in Mekelle

After a long journey, we arrived in Mekelle. Before we had even left the bus, we were greeted with open arms and open hearts and welcomed into the home of the Daughters of Charity.

After the inspirational time that we spent in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, we had travelled up to a beautiful city in Northern Ethiopia called Mekelle, located in the Tigray province. We were staying with CAFOD partners, the Daughters of Charity, and were planning to meet some of the people who the charity has been supporting for many years with their HIV and AIDS livelihood projects.

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