Young dancer raises money for CAFOD!

Crissi Booth reports on a young boy’s fundraising efforts in Derby.

Everyone loves a good boogie, and what a better way to enjoy dancing than to combine it with raising some money! That’s exactly what 8 year old Reuben and his cousins Elijah, Jaxon and Jay did at their grandparent’s party.

The party that took place on Saturday 3rd September 2016 was to celebrate their Grandma Catherine’s 70th birthday, and her Golden Wedding Anniversary with husband Jim Tumelty. The cousins decided to put on a dance show for entertainment, when Reuben announced “if you’d like to make a donation for their entertainment then they’d happily


Reuben and Co. show off their moves!

give it all to CAFOD”.

Reuben’s positive attitude and amazing dance moves managed to raise £26.38 for CAFOD! Amazing!

If you want some ideas about how you can fundraise, take a look at our website – it could be as easy as dancing the night away!

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