Young Leaders from 10 secondary schools get involved!

Crissi Booth reports on the young people that are training to be young leaders, and their fundraising efforts.

Young people play a huge role in inspiring people to get involved, and this was shown at the recent young leader training. In September, ten local secondary schools brought eight students each, and they all gathered together to take part in training for the new Youth Leader scheme.


Around 80 students from across the region got involved with the new young leaders scheme

The CAFOD team trained them through various activities including role play and group participation, to educate them on current issues, and the ways in which we can help.

The young leaders have now been challenged to return to their schools, with their knowledge and guidance, and promote CAFOD, and encourage more people to get involved!


Students will now go back to their schools to promote CAFOD


One of the schools involved with the young leader programme, St Leonard’s, Durham, have already dived head first into fundraising! Justine Smith and the year ten young leaders raised £200 hosting a year 7 disco, and are preparing for upcoming assemblies to involve more of the school in CAFOD fundraising. Amazing work!

Any young people wishing to get involved can visit our website to find out more about what they can do!

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