Darlington secondary school Brightens Up the world this Harvest

Local pupils have raised over £750 to help communities across the world grow enough food this Harvest. Andrew Gardner tells us:  Carmel Cocarmel-college-teachers-taking-part-in-the-gbbo-episodellege held their own ‘Great British Bake Off’ episode to Brighten Up the lives of children and young people across the world as part of a Harvest fundraising campaign by the Catholic aid agency CAFOD. The event featured a ‘Technical’ round, where selected teachers were asked to make scones, a ‘Showstopper’ round, before a ‘Big Reveal’ that was televised in front of the whole school hall. Students then had the opportunity to watch the baking drama unfold and judge their teachers’ ‘Showstopper’ creations before the winners were chosen.

Roisin, member of the Sixth Form Spiritual Depth group, said: “I think the drama in our episode would have rivalled any from the current BBC series. One teacher stole the bowl of eggs during the ‘Technical’, so no one knew they had to use them in the recipe! I think this was such a creative and British way to raise funds for CAFOD and I hope that we can carry on the event next year.”

CAFOD is working with communities in the South American country of Bolivia, where in the Altiplano region, nearly 60% of the rural population are living below the poverty line. Unpredictable rains and frequent hailstorms are destroying the crops which the communities rely on.

CAFOD’s partners are working to provide greenhouses to protect crops and train communities with new farming techniques to help them grow enough crops to feed their families. Carmel College’s fundraising will enable CAFOD’s partners to continue working with communities like those in Bolivia.

Harvest Fast Days are a great way of bringing people together and raising an incredible amount of money to help others, so we’d like to say a huge thanks to the pupils at Carmel College for their generosity.

Harvest is traditionally a time of abundance, where communities come together and share food. In this time of abundance, it is important that we remember those who are without food and join together, putting our faith into action to help create a fairer world.”

Donate to the Harvest Appeal at cafod.org.uk/harvest

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