Lampedusa Cross pilgrimage to Holy Island

Crissi Booth reports on a recent pilgrimage to Lindisfarne

It is becoming more and more common to hear about families and communities that are being seperated and putting their lives in danger to seek refuge in Europe. The Lampedusa Cross pilgrimage resources use scripture and reflection to help us consider and pray for refugees.

Recently, a group of people from the North East went on a pilgrimage to Holy Island, and used CAFOD’s pilgrimage resources; Brenda Bell, principle organiser of the event, reported on the happenings of the day:


The Lampedusa Cross is used during pilgrimages during the Year of Mercy

“We had a dry but cloudy day with friends from ‘Family of Parishes’ as well as from Churches Together.

We timed our walk nicely across the Pilgrim Way and used most of the Lampedusa Cross sheets CAFOD kindly forwarded to us as prayer stations.

At the end of the day, on the coach, we then used the final sheet as we passed the cross from person to person to share the ‘burden’. I then distributed the cards as we said a closing prayer before setting off home together.

As it was my turn to lead the August CT Ecumenical service, I used some of the readings and prayers again in that joint service as it had just been announced that DCC had settled five families and were to bring in more refugee families, and it had tied in well.”

Take a look at our resources, and find out more about the Year of Mercy, and the refugee crisis on our website. The 2016 Hexham and Newcastle Lindisfarne pilgrimage will take place on Saturday 10 September.



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