Jo Joyner’s visit to São Paulo, Part 3

A story from 3 years ago but topical nonetheless. I wonder how much has changed?

CAFOD blog

Jo Joyner in Sao Paolo with CAFOD Jo Joyner in Sao Paolo with CAFOD

It’s another early start today knowing that the morning drive to the other side of the city in the usual heavy traffic will take as long as…. a piece of string!

About the author: Award-winning actress Jo Joyner is backing CAFOD’s calls for people in Britain to stand by families in the poorest communities of Brazil. Jo,whose work includes No Angels, Dr Who and most notably her role as Tanya in Eastenders, has spent the last week visiting community projects supported by CAFOD in Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo, and films of her visit will be featured throughout the week on ITV’s Daybreak programme.

Today is Brazil’s National Day of Urban Reform: a recognised day for the people to protest in organised marches across the city about whatever they wish. Many of the community representatives from the occupations and favelas that…

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