St. Patrick’s, Stockton raises £700 at Garden Party

Crissi Booth reports on some great fundraising efforts in Barnard Castle.

In July, CAFOD Hexham and Newcastle received £700 from St Patrick’s, Fairfield, Stockton, for the greatest needs of our brothers and sisters in the global south.

Veronica Bowron of St Patrick’s Third World Group explained how they raised the money:

“Our group had a stall at the Garden Party and raised £366 of this money. The remainder was from a collection box at the back of the church for parishioners to contribute when they can.


Veronica Bowron 2

The Third World Group raised £366 with their stall

We placed raffle tickets in straws, and whatever number you got from inside the straw, you got the prize with that number attached.We charged £1 a go with a prize each time.”

This is an example of the wonderful continued work and fundraising within our parishes and through our volunteers.

Stuck for ideas on how to fundraise? Find some here!

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