Take the lead and join CAFOD’s Young Leadership Programme

Katie Binns, media intern for the North East Region, explains why the involvement of young people is so important to what CAFOD does.

Jeremy Cain, representative for the Hexham and Newcastle Diocese, met with a collective group of secondary school staff coordinators to discuss CAFOD’s Youth Leadership Programme. The event, kindly held at St. Joseph’s Academy in Hebburn, was led by Sarah Barber from CAFOD’s Youth Team and involved looking at what the project was all about and the practicalities.

CAFOD recognizes the influence that young people have, and wants to equip them to be leaders of social justice in their local communities. By taking the lead and joining CAFOD’s Young Leadership Programme, year 10 to 12 students can truly make a difference in fighting poverty and injustice. Not only that, but they will meet like-minded young people, gain confidence and build on vital skills and experiences.

volunteers week

In joining our young leadership sessions, you will be trained with other students in the skills and information needed to inspire others to fundraise, campaign, pray or learn about global justice. You will also gain a deeper understanding of CAFOD and our partners in developing countries. At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of completion, listing the skills you have gained and the activities you took part in.
CAFODYouthLeadershipThere is no fee for the programme, only that you need to attend three training sessions and take part in and help organise volunteering activities on behalf of CAFOD. All necessary tools and support will be available at each training session. The programme will be invaluable to students preparing for work or further education.


If you are interested in applying to the scheme or you would like to find out more, please email CAFOD at youth@cafod.org.uk

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