St. Teresa’s Primary School, Hartlepool, follows Lampedusa Cross Pilgrimage

Jeremy Cain explains how children at St. Teresa’s in Hartlepool have been responding to the refugee crisis.Children and world map

The symbol of the Lampedusa Cross is proving to be a powerful way to reflect on the refugee crisis for both young and old alike.

Margaret Hodgson, one of CAFOD’s wonderful Education Volunteers, recently visited St. Teresa’s Primary School in Hartlepool to speak to them about the refugee crisis and then lead them through our Lampedusa Cross pilgrimage. It’s a difficult subject, given the very real suffering involved but Margaret felt the children engaged prayerfully and reflectively. “Some of their responses were very moving and thoughtful – the ’empty chair’ seems to have struck a deep chord,” she said.

Girl with crossMrs Gates, the children’s teacher agreed. “I know the children really enjoyed it and it definitely made them think as quite a few of them have been asking more questions and talking to their parents about the issue, so all very positive.”

If you’d like to do something similar in your school, CAFOD produces a range of resources to help children understand and respond to the refugee crisis.

L Cross Pilgrimage Station

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