Volunteering for CAFOD: one charity, many opportunities

There are so many ways to get involved with CAFOD – from volunteering on your Gap Year, to speaking at Mass; from working in our offices, to starting your own parish group. Whatever your interests, whatever your talents, whatever your time: volunteer with CAFOD and you’ll truly be joining the dream team!

10 year-old Florence, from Sheffield, is CAFOD’s youngest parish volunteer. She describes how working as a parish volunteer has given her a new lease of life:


Florence with her CAFOD parish group

“I thought being a parish volunteer was an awesome idea. I really wanted to help people who didn’t have what I have. The older people in the CAFOD parish group were so pleased that I wanted to join as not many children take interest in this sort of thing. They let me speak at my parish twice about the CAFOD Lenten appeal this month as I thought the parish would listen to someone younger like me. It is totally different to what most of my friends do at the weekend and is a great chance for me to help those in poverty.”

Read more about becoming a parish volunteer

Danielle Story from Culleroats, 21, is a volunteer on CAFOD’s gap year programme, Step into The Gap, with the Youth Ministry Trust in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle:

Danielle Story

Danielle speaking about her Gap Year

“It wasn’t until my final year studying at Newcastle University that I thought about doing a gap year.  I wanted my gap year to be rooted in faith, so CAFOD along with other Christian charities came to mind and I began searching. It was then I found out that CAFOD offer a gap year programme, and when I realised one of the placements they offer is at the Youth Ministry Trust I knew I was meant to do it. ”

Be a part of Step into the Gap on your gap year

Liam Finn worked as a Communications volunteer for CAFOD in Middlesbrough and is now CAFOD’s UK News Officer. He talks about how the opportunities gained as a volunteer led him to a start working with CAFOD full-time:


Liam interviewing CAFOD runner Emma at the London Marathon

“I’d been a CAFOD supporter since I was in primary school, so it was great to be directly involved in our work. I decided a few years ago that I wanted to work in the media as I believe that providing information and telling stories is the best way I can help to bring about change in the world. This is why I’ll gladly admit that a big motivation for volunteering was so that I could gain that experience.”

Read more about Liam’s story here

Jo Woodhead first became a school volunteer with CAFOD after retiring from a teaching position in Leeds four years ago:


Jo volunteering in Hebden Bridge

“I noticed that CAFOD were advertising for volunteers at the back of my church bulletin. As I had recently retired from teaching and had some spare time, I thought “Hmm, I could do that.” And I was right! From teaching, I learnt that with school children, you always need to expect the unexpected. That excitement is what motivated me to volunteer and what keeps me going every year.”

Ready to join the volunteer team?  Sign up today!

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