Catholic primary schools and parish in North Shields raise over £5000 for CAFOD’s World Gifts

Primary schools and parishes raise over £5000 for CAFOD's World Gifts

St. Cuthbert’s and St. Joseph’s raise over £5000 in aid of World Gifts

Pupils and staff from St. Cuthbert’s and St. Joseph’s Primary Schools presented CAFOD with a cheque for £5368.57 on Tuesday 26th January at a parish CAFOD meeting. The two schools had worked alongside parishioners to raise a targeted £4000 to purchase a health clinic through CAFOD’s World Gifts scheme.

Pupils at St. Cuthbert’s came up with the idea to hold fundraising events in the parish after hearing about CAFOD’s World Gifts at school. Seeing their determination and vision, the two schools and parish decided to work together to raise the £4000 needed for a health clinic. Members of the parish held coffee mornings and there were a few very generous donations from individual parishioners. The Mini Vinnie groups in each school organised fundraising events including sponsored walks, cake sales, enterprise sales and non-uniform days.

Shaun Dillon, head teacher at St. Cuthbert’s said, “Our two school communities work very closely with each other and the parish throughout the year and this was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the strength of our partnership and give our children the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of families in need.” Now that they have surpassed the amount and bought a health clinic plans are already in place for their next World Gifts fundraising project.

Poverty often means people have no access to medical care, so many die from easily preventable diseases. The health clinic, one of the “gifts” that can be bought in the scheme, will offer specialist medical care and equipment for people in the most vulnerable communities.

Have a look at the Resources for Schools and view the selection of CAFOD’s World Gifts

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