St Oswalds Loves Fundraising!

St Oswalds RC Primary, South Shields, recently took part in a fantastic fundraising event for CAFOD.

nepal cake sale

The children took part in ‘The Big Silly Share’ where they learned about how much food is wasted worldwide. The families were encouraged to think carefully about what food they eat and what goes to waste, and how they can save money. The money saved was put into a ‘bin’ during assembly as an accurate visual representation as what had been saved.

This really helped the children understand what is means to waste food, and hopefully to consider how the choices they make effect the international community.

Also, the Year 4’s of the school organised a non-uniform event and cake sale to fundraise for those effected by the Nepal earthquake. They made sure they were aware of the ways CAFOD was helping.

nepal cake salee

Another way the school helped CAFOD was by focusing on donation money throughout Lent. The school then made a powerful display to represent the amount of money raised from each class.

A huge thank you to everyone that donated.

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