St John Boste brightens up for Harvest Day!

St John Boste

St John Boste’s RC Primary School, Washington, recently made a sizable donation to CAFOD after a school wide fundraising event for harvest day.

The fundraising day, organised by the schools ‘Mini Vinnies’, involved the pupils attending school dressed in bright colours. The day began after an assembly from the head teacher, Mrs Cushlow, which introduced the children to CAFOD and the story of Diego.

The schools ‘Mini Vinnies’ are a group of children who aim to become aware of their situations and international social injustices. It was this group that chose to have CAFOD’s harvest day as their charity and allowed the school to raise a massive £241.

Moreover, the school also made a donation of the same size to CAFOD in order to aid the refugee crisis, an issue that the children also felt a need to help with.

A display for Harvest Day

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the fundraising events.

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