Step into the Gap – Danielle and Ellie begin CAFOD gap year

Hey guys! We’ve now started our placement at YMT with CAFOD, and we’re starting to take our first steps into the gap! Like anyone would be, we began excited but also nervous as we didn’t know what to expect.

Danielle and Ellie are beginning their gap year with CAFOD

Danielle and Ellie are beginning their gap year with CAFOD

Learn about CAFOD’s gap year

We learnt during our first week of training at YMT that it’s important to also enter into our year ahead with an open heart and mind. During our first meeting with Bishop Seamus of Hexham and Newcastle, he explained to the team how important it was in our role as youth ministers to let go and let God transform our fears and anxieties about the year ahead. Although it can be a painful process he explained that it’s only then that our hearts can be fully open to the Holy Spirit and enable us to serve God and the young people around us to our full God-given potential.

This made a lot of sense and reminded us that to get the most out of our gap year we must let our faith be bigger than our fear. It can be hard but that is the challenge. With faith overcoming fear we can achieve anything we set our minds to! ‘Do not be afraid’ is written in the Bible 365 times, as a daily reminder to live everyday fearless. That is our aim for the year ahead as we begin our journey.

Our first four retreats have been with 6th formers and we’ve loved every minute, although it was a little scary at first, we’ve learnt so much already! We’ve really enjoyed our first primary school retreat and been fundraising for CAFOD with the ‘Brighten up’ theme this Harvest.

We can’t wait to take the next steps on our journey, our faith guiding the way, making social justice issues relevant to the lives of young people in the local community.

Danielle & Ellie 🙂

Step into the Gap with CAFOD

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