Last But Not Least…Charlotte’s Year At YMT

Charlotte (left) & Julia showing what they love that's threatened by climate change.

Charlotte (left) & Julia showing what they love that’s threatened by climate change.

So the time for the last “Final Report” has come. Charlotte has been a CAFOD Ambassador in her year at the Youth Ministry Team and tells us about her time there.

Favourite part of your Ambassador role?

Meeting with the other ambassadors and sharing the work we do at the Diocesan Festival. I knew more than I thought!

Least favourite part of your Ambassador role?

I’m not keen on London and don’t like travelling there. I could have done with another ambassador to work with.

What would you have changed over the last year?

I’d have liked to have done more with the CAFOD Gappers and have more conversations with local and London CAFOD staff.

If you could leave a Post-It note for the next Ambassadors to find at the end of their first day, what would it say?

“Do what you’ve been asked to do straight away.” And “Be great” as in Nelson Mandela’s Great Generation quotation.

How do you think you’ve changed over the last year?

I’ve learned a lot about social justice and a bigger perspective on what’s going on in the world.

Give 5 words to sum up the Ambassador experience.

Interesting, funny, challenging, adventurous, crazy.

One memory that sums up your time as an Ambassador.

I went to London and stayed with the Sisters of the Assumption, met the other ambassadors and we prayed, ate and chatted together.

What will you miss most about being an Ambassador?

Being part of something bigger linked to YMT and being part of CAFOD.

How do you think being an Ambassador has/will help you when you move on?

It has given me something to think about and ideas to take on and try to do things in the same context but in a different environment.

What next?

I’m moving to Ireland as a member of the Derry Youth Community to do youth ministry. It’s a new project being set up from September.

Charlotte explained that at an Ambassador meeting, they had Ferrero Roche sweets after she’d failed to understand the connection between the two. (She said she was too young to remember) A quick look at the old advert on YouTube and the line “Ambassador, with these Rocher, you’re really spoiling us” was heard!

We wish Charlotte well in her overseas adventure and we know she’ll be a great asset to her new team.

In September, we welcome Mary and Becca to the CAFOD team, we’ll do some introductions once they’ve unpacked and got started in their new roles.

Stay tuned…

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