Julia’s Reflections on a Gapper’s Year

Julia, visited Sierra Leone and this helped her to decide her next step.

Julia, visited Sierra Leone and this helped her to decide her next step.

As part of our final reports from our Gappers, we asked Julia the same questions as Kat. Some similarities in answers as you’d expect, but some big differences too…

Favourite part of Step Into The Gap role?

Working with young people and seeing a change in their attitudes. Seeing them being inspired in the same way that we were and hoping that some of the people we worked with could become Gappers or ambassadors. Of course, going to Sierra Leone as well.

Least favourite part of Step Into The Gap role?

Leaving Sierra Leone. I’d met some great people and it was the end of a good, but challenging visit. We had bonded as a group but I knew that I wouldn’t see them for six weeks.

What would you have changed over the last year?

I’d have liked to have visited the CAFOD office in Durham to, at least, put our activity logs into the computer, maybe once each month.

If you could leave a Post-It note for the next Gappers to find at the end of their first day, what would it say?

“Never forget that passion fuels others.”

How do you think you’ve changed over the last year?

I feel that I’ve learned a lot and I’m more passionate about social justice. According to Eleanor, (one of the YMT team) I’m more hilarious!

Give 5 words to sum up the Gap Year experience.

Fun, challenging, engaging, passion, change.

One memory that sums up your time as a Gapper.

The CAFOD residential meetings helped to merge the worlds of CAFOD and the Youth Ministry Team together. I learned more about the CAFOD campaigns and was able to take that and pass it on.

What will you miss most about being on Step Into The Gap?

The other Gappers and YMT. Being in Sierra Leone. Oh, and of course the Hexham & Newcastle CAFOD staff!

How do you think Step Into The Gap has/will help you when you move on?

It helped in my decision on what I should do next year.

What next?

Home for the holidays them to Aberystwyth to study Rights, Gender and International Law.

So it’s back to academia for Julia to study a topic that clearly she feels totally passionate about. She touched on this in her blogs while she was in Sierra Leone and it’s great that she has the experience to take with her.

Good luck for the future and we’re sure the bit about the CAFOD staff wasn’t just because we were there!

As soon as we can persuade Charlotte, our ambassador, to give us her answers, we’ll get them straight up here. Stay tuned…

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