Digging Deep (Into A Bowl Of Soup)

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The pupils at St. Godric’s Primary School in Durham opened their doors to parents, grandparents and carers to enjoy some soup for lunch and to support the work of CAFOD. The staff made spicy tomato, mushroom and leek & potato soups to tempt us, all served with a freshly made bread bun. All donations will go to the work of CAFOD.

Nothing brings a community together like food, so I dropped in to ask a few pupils and adults about what they were doing for Lent. The responses were varying, from going to church a bit more, to tidying up the house to giving up teeth!

I met Amah and her son Neil, who is trying to cut down on his sweetie intake. I got the impression it was a tough job. Amah is originally from Manila in the Philippines, so she had been watching the news from home around the time of Typhoon Haiyan. She said that she was very conscious of the work CAFOD and its partners were doing across the area. She explained that The Philippines is a very Catholic country and that the people don’t eat meat throughout Holy Week as a penance.

Beth (6) decided to give up her teeth for Lent. She has lost a few top ones with replacements coming through and there’s a couple of wobbly ones at the bottom. Hopefully by Easter, she’ll have enough teeth to enjoy an Easter egg.

Nina (10) has been making her own bed through Lent. “It’s horrible” she said but she couldn’t give up using her iPad.

One thing that shone through all the pupils I spoke to was that they understood the reason for Lent. That Jesus did without to prepare himself for his mission and that we prepare ourselves for Easter. As one girl said, “Jesus must have been very hungry…and thirsty…and dirty because it’s really windy in the desert and the sand gets in your eyes.”

Keona (10) said that she was giving up chocolate as she eats a bit too much sometimes. She was brutally realistic about her sacrifice “It’s hard and I don’t feel any better.”

Perhaps it takes a child to say what we might sometimes be thinking.

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