Dig Deep for CAFOD this Lent!

As you may be aware, CAFOD is celebrating Lent this year by Digging Deep.

Lent is a time for all of us to Dig Deep: into ourselves, our faith, our relationship with God and the people around us. Our faith helps to centre and ground us amid the pressures of everyday life: it roots us in Christ. Through fasting, prayer and reflection we can nurture these roots, and sow seeds of change within and without.

So Dig Deep with us this Lent!

  •  Dig Deep into the roots of our faith
  •  Dig Deep in solidarity with those who go hungry
  • Dig Deep into your pockets this Fast Day

One of the focus countries of this campaign is Sierra Leone where, with CAFOD’s support, families are transforming the former diamond mines into fertile land. They can now grow crops all year round and better endure the ‘hungry season’.

Mohamed 1     

Mohammed is 14 years old and lives with his mum, dad, sisters and brothers in a small village in Sierra Leone. Through a local organisation, Caritas Kenema, CAFOD has worked with Mohammed’s family to transform diamond mines in to fertile farmland. The diamonds once helped to fund the country’s civil war, but they are very difficult to find. Unearth one and you may never see another in your life.

With the food they grow from the land, Mohammed’s family can survive Sierra Leone’s ‘hungry season’ which lasts roughly six months of the year. The family can sell the extra food they do not need and save money. Mohammed’s mum hopes to use these savings to send him to school next term.

Mohamed Main

Schools and parishes across the country have been taking part in the campaign and we’re thrilled to see some of the creative ideas our supporters have come up with. We have seen everything from Dig Deep garden sales to Lenten lunches, school displays to bake sales.

But you don’t have to stop there. Come up with your own ideas and let the CAFOD Hexham and Newcastle team support you.

We’ll be Digging Deep in the run up to and throughout Lent, from now until Maundy Thursday on 17th of April.

If you have any events coming up in support of CAFOD, or would like support from the team in setting up an event for Lent, please
let us know by contacting the office at 0191 384 4847 or emailing rwillan@cafod.org.uk.

Our supporters are so important to us and we love to keep up-to-date with your fundraising.

For more information on the Dig Deep campaign or to donate, click here.

[Photos: Simon Rawles/ CAFOD, July 2013]


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