One Week Over But There’s Still More To See

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We’ve finished our first week in Sierra Leone.

This morning as I was packing up my belongings, I was checking I had all my malaria tablets and I counted I had 21 left which reminded me we have completed our first full week in Sierra Leone.

The last time I wrote a blog we had been busy visiting lots of different places and meeting lots of different people since then we’ve visited a few communities and now as I write this (on Monday) I am sat in the Caritas Makeni office waiting to go to the community we are going to be staying with till Wednesday.

Up until now we spent Friday in three communities seeing the projects that are supported by Caritas Makeni in sponsorship with CAFOD, these projects involve building big huts in order to keep chickens in. About 400-500 chickens and a few months of feed are also provided. The communities build the huts themselves and are responsible for the chickens once they arrive.

On Saturday, we went to see a local farm that is funded by Caritas Makeni. However while this particular farm is not funded by CAFOD we were informed that across the world CAFOD does support farms similar to this one. We were informed that the farm provides for many different families from the local area and they all work together to harvest the food.

Yesterday, we spent our morning in Church. First of all we attended Mass- it was a mixture of Krio and English. So we were able to understand part of the Mass. Interestingly this particular Catholic Church seemed to have a policy of woman sitting on one side and men on the other. We only noticed after Mass had started and we were sat on the men’s side. However it didn’t cause any major problems. At the end of Mass we were invited to come to the front to introduce ourselves and what we do in the UK and the reason we are in Sierra Leone.
After Mass we were introduced to the Catholic Youth Organization and had the opportunity to talk to them in more detail about our work. In the afternoon, we went on a two hour drive in order to look at a waterfall. It was lovely to feel the spray of the water as it was a hot afternoon.

Right now, we’re off to have lunch before we go to the community. I will blog as soon as we’re back on Wednesday about the experiences we will have while there.

As we said before, we received a batch of blog entries from Julia, so we’re catching up on her adventures. It’s no surprise that Internet access isn’t the best. When you Step into the Gap, you’re living with people in poverty and their problems. You won’t be a tourist!

If you fancy Stepping in, get more details at Applications close at the end of March

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