Introducing…Kat Emmanuel

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Although they’ve been with us since September, so far only James’ introduction has made it to our onto our blog. As a special Christmas treat, Kat and Julia’s intros are available to read. Same format as James, same 10 questions, 10 different answers, some of which seem a bit different…

So Kat,
1. Describe yourself in five words.
Excitable, happy, caring, joke-teller

2. Which bible passage/quote speaks most to you?
The story of Mary & Martha

3. Who would you cast in the film of your life…and who would actually be cast?
Mother Theresa and Whitney Houston

4. Your Christian hero/heroine and why? (No “Jesus” allowed!)
St. Jude as through his intersession I got a 2:1

5. Most famous person you have met?
No answer

6. Pope Francis. Discuss. (In ten words)
Servant-Heart, kindly

7. Three dinner party guests (alive or dead) and why?
Mary Magdalene and Michael McIntyre

8. Only two miracles feature in all four Gospels, the Feeding of the 5000 is one, which is the other?
No answer

9. Biggest fear about your foreign trip?
Early mornings.

10. You have one question for God, what would it be?
Would be so overwhelmed, probably none

Thanks Kat, I think we learned something there…

Kat, Julia and James are revving up for not only Christmas, but also their overseas trips to see the work of CAFOD partners “on the ground” in January. Kat and James will be in El Salvador, (including Connect 2 village, Puenecitos) while Julia visits Sierra Leone.

Please check back into this blog for updates on their adventures and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


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