Holy Island Pilgrimage on June 15th

Crossing to Holy Island on The Pilgrim's Way

Crossing to Holy Island on The Pilgrim’s Way

This weekend (15th June) we’ll be taking part in our annual pilgrimage to Holy Island also known as Lindisfarne. This has been a place of pilgrimage for over 1300 years since St. Cuthbert’s death and we’ll be following hundreds of thousands of pilgrims throughout the ages, as we walk “The Pilgrim’s Way”.

The crossing of the pilgrims was described by Sir Walter Scott,

“For with the flow and ebb,its style
Varies from continent to isle;
Dry shood o’er sands, twice every day,
The pilgrims to the shrine find way;
Twice every day the waves efface
Of staves and sandelled feet the trace.”

The Way is probably best walked barefoot as many a shoe or welly has been left behind in the sand which seems more like mud. (It is said to be good for the skin, however!)

We will begin at the mainland, near the causeway at mid-day, while for those not walking, a liturgy will take place in St. Aidan’s Church from 12.30pm. The walkers will stop at five points and a short liturgy will be celebrated on the theme of CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign. We will hear the stories of people who are affected by hunger, pray for them and that the G8 will tackle the scandal of hunger.
This will be the same liturgy as that held in the church.

At 2.30pm all pilgrims will gather by St. Aidan’s statue near The Priory for an open-air Mass, celebrated by Fr. Jim O’Keefe. If the weather is inclement we’ll use the Parish Church of St. Mary’s.

Once Mass is over there is a little time to enjoy the island until the tide comes in at 6.25pm. Then Holy Island returns to what it truly is.

If you’d like to join us, the pilgrimage is open to all and is free.
Please call the office on 0191 384 4847 to register.

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