Premier League Fundraising From St. Cuthbert’s, Crook


The pupils at St. Cuthbert’s Primary school in Crook, Durham were so inspired by the story of Maaku from Kenya and his love of football that they started the ball rolling to raise some cash for CAFOD. Maaku is 13 and is football mad but due to the long running drought he was undernourished. At times he had to skip meals and said that his school work suffered but with the help of supporters like the pupils at St. Cuthbert’s, CAFOD gave Maaku’s school some tools, training and seeds. 

In no time at all, Maaku’s school garden was blooming and the pupils diets improved. They really enjoy the maize, beans, cabbages and even the spinach they grow.

Maaku’s story was told to pupils as part of CAFOD’s “Hungry for Change” campaign, which asks the Government to ensure that the food system works for the poorest people in our world.

It was the pupils of St. Cuthbert’s who came up with the idea to collect spare change and shape it into enormous round football shapes, one for each class. With a prize for the biggest football the competition really hotted up and some classes collected four footballs.

CAFOD worker, John McBride called in to see how the collection was going. “I saw children in Kenya who played football with plastic bags wrapped in a net. One of the projects that CAFOD supports ijn Korogocho slum, Nairobi, gives children the chance to play with good equipment and receive coaching, not only in football but netball, boxing, karate and other sports. The pupils are a credit to themselves and to their school, giving a great example of living the school’s values in helping others to achieve their full potential.”

It is only with the support from people like the pupils of St. Cuthbert’s that CAFOD are able to help those in poverty to work their way out. As far as CAFOD are concerned, these pupils are top of the league! 


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