Cooking The Books (In a good way!)




A group of pupils from St. Leonard’s school in Durham have been using their culinary creativity to raise over £630 for the work of CAFOD. They compiled the recipes which use Fairtrade ingredients and bound them into folders for sale to parents and teachers.  The donation was made as CAFOD is in the middle of their “Hungry for Change” campaign, asking the Government and the G8 to tackle the way food is produced, shipped and processed across the world.

Accepting the cheque, CAFOD worker John McBride congratulated them on their hard work, “Well done and thanks for making the effort to support CAFOD. The money raised will make the difference between life and death for some of the world’s poorest people.”

This is the latest example of the school supporting CAFOD, following last year’s donation to bring safe, clean drinking water to poor people around the globe. The campaign’s grand total of £18.6 million will mean that over 55,000 people will be able to access safe water in Southern Sudan and Kenya alone. Villages in Asia and South America will also benefit as programmes to provide long term benefits come “on stream”.

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