These tunes are made for walking

A Durham musician who walked 140 miles in Portugal and Spain to raise money for CAFOD has also agreed to let his music be used in a CAFOD film about walking.

Martin (right) with Michael and Brian at their destination in Santiago de Compostela

Martin Matthews, of Prospect Terrace, Lanchester, completed the Portuguese route of the Camino de Santiago from the Portuguese border to Santiago de Compostela in Spain just before Easter this year. Walking with two school friends, Martin’s journey lasted ten days and raised nearly £1400 for CAFOD and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Meanwhile, music from Martin’s self-penned and self-recorded album Autumn has been used to accompany the film made by CAFOD Hexham & Newcastle about the Big Walk – last year’s 150-mile walk from Durham to Lindisfarne to celebrate 25 years of the North East regional office. CAFOD staff member Ged Naughton was listening to a copy of the album while helping to edit the film and thought Martin’s music would be perfect.

Martin decided to undertake the Camino de Santiago with friends Brian Convey and Michael McCarthy after Michael had battled cancer. Martin said: “We’ve been friends since school and even though we’ve ended up in different parts of the country, we’d often get together to go walking. It was on Michael’s bucket list to do the Camino and it just fell into place this year.”

On his Justgiving website, Martin says: “After retirement from our day jobs we have decide to celebrate our friendship, give thanks for our current good fortune and raise as much money as possible for causes that are very dear to us.”

Ged Naughton said: “Thanks to Martin for his generosity in using the music free of charge, and then going off on his own Big Walk for CAFOD. I got a copy of the album from Martin’s wife, Maria, one day when I was in St Bede’s Lanchester, where she is Head. I started to listen to it non-stop in the car and couldn’t stop humming the tunes. It was already the soundtrack to the film in my head while I was watching the edit.”

The CAFOD Big Walk film – featuring music from Autumn by Martin Matthews – can be seen by pressing play in the bottom left of the window below.

For more information about Martin Matthews and his music, visit

CAFOD also organises fundraising visits to the traditional Spanish route of the Camino de Santiago:

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