Light the flame with CAFOD’s summer of sport!

Dear friends and supporters of CAFOD Hexham & Newcastle,

This summer our televisions will be awash with sport: football, cricket, cycling, tennis and obviously the Olympic Games.

Sport brings people together in CAFOD’s partner countries as well, and it’s common in many places to see young people playing with homemade footballs or gathering to watch the big sporting events at the local video club.

This newsletter covers the theme of ‘young people and sport’. Inside you’ll find resources, web links and other useful information.

CAFOD Hexham & Newcastle is on Facebook as CAFOD H&N:

And you can follow us on Twitter @CAFODHN


Meanwhile, at the time of writing, more than 65,000 cards have been sent to the Prime Minister as part of CAFOD’s Thirst for Change campaign, and more than £9 million has been donated to CAFOD’s Lent Water Appeal. Thanks to all who have given their time and efforts to make such a huge impact this year.

Thanks also to Paul Green for the wonderful pictures of John McBride and the Olympic Torch.

Best wishes,

Anne-Marie, Anna and Ged

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