5 ways to have an ethical and sustainable Christmas

World gifts 1With only a few days leading up to Christmas, it seems everyone is busy rushing to finalise their Christmas gift shopping or making plans for the week with friends and family to exchange presents.

In this time for giving and receiving, it inevitably becomes a time of great waste. In the midst of the current climate crisis, there is still time to consider the sort of gifts you are sharing this year.

How to give better gifts this Christmas

Here at CAFOD, we have the World Gifts scheme. These are a set of life-changing charity gifts that will make a real difference to families living in poverty across the world.

Dannah Cruz, Young Leadership Coordinator at CAFOD, explains how it is the perfect opportunity to spread the love with a clear conscience and give virtual gifts to those in need.

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And it’s goodbye from him…

After working at CAFOD for almost 15 years, David Cross, Our Community Participation Coordinator in the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle has moved on to pastures new.

While we wait for the next person to join us, the email inbox and Volunteer Centre answerphone are being monitored from elsewhere. Please do continue to email us or contact Supporter Care on (0)303 303 3030.

Before he left, David wrote…Davidprofilepic2016

“I started working for CAFOD as Diocesan Manager in the diocese of Middlesbrough in February 2005. Initially I worked alongside Anne Marie Hanlon, who was based at Ushaw College, until we identified an office space at York, above a Sainsbury’s Supermarket, just a few minutes walk from the station.  This was a really optimistic period as CAFOD had decided to have an office in every diocese with a full-time manager and a part-time Diocesan Officer.  In 2011, I think, I went on secondment as what was then known as a Head of Region, managing ten diocesan teams. following this appointment, I stood-in for six months as Head of Community Fundraising. This was followed by another spell as Head of Region. After this short spell I went back to my original position of Diocesan Manager in Middlesbrough where I remained until the reorganisation that took place in 2015 when I was appointed to the position of Community Participation Coordinator in Hexham and Newcastle. I feel very privileged to have been with CAFOD for almost 15 years and have witnessed the amazing work that CAFOD does, often through other agencies such as Caritas Internationalis. I have also seen the amazing work done by our volunteers, Parish Priests, Religious orders, schools and parish communities in raising awareness about the issues of poverty and environmental degradation and then responding practically to the challenges these issues present by praying, campaigning and fundraising. It’s been an amazing time and I hope that the organisation continues to make great strides in eradicating poverty.

As for me, my last day with CAFOD will be on Friday 27 September and I will be taking up my new role as Adult Formation Coordinator for the Diocese of Middlesbrough on 1 October. I just want to say a big thankyou to all those colleagues and volunteers who have worked with me, sometimes struggled with me but have always supported me over the last fifteen years. May God Bless you with all manner of good things.