Ryton Churches Together raise funds for CAFOD

Karen Kelly, from of St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas, Stella, explains how three local denominations came together for Lent and raised some valuable funds for CAFOD.

When it comes to global justice, we’re all in the same boat!

“Catholics, Anglicans and Methodists met weekly over five weeks of Lent to hear a short talk about the ‘I Am’ sayings of Jesus. The Methodist Church provided the use of their hall and kitchen and each denomination prepared soup, sandwiches and cake, giving us an opportunity to discuss what we had heard and share time together over some excellent food!

As ever, we were sad when the Lenten series of lunches came to an end, having found the time together really worthwhile, but we were happy to have also raised £267.13 for CAFOD raised by donations from those who attended.”

As the Christian community of Ryton have shown so wonderfully, Churches Together groups can be a fantastic way to bring our work for global justice to a wider audience. As we prepare to launch our latest campaign, how about getting together with some of your fellow Christians to maximise your impact? Let us know how you get on!


Sunderland students cook up an International Fundraising Feast

This Lent, people across Hexham and Newcastle have been doing everything from Lent lunches to bake sales in an effort to support the Lent fundraising appeal. Local Sunderland students also wanted to get involed and alongside members of the Sunderland community, they came together at an ‘International Celebration’. 

Tom receieving a the amount fundraised from Fr Mar

Tom receieving a the amount fundraised from Fr Marc.

On 31 March, the University of Sunderland Catholic Chaplaincy and Catholic Society invited students, as well as parishioners of St. Mary’s and St. Cecilia’s, to eat, be entertained and fundraise.

Organise your own event with our A-Z fundraising guide

The night began with the chaplaincy welcoming people from across the community to enjoy freshly prepared dishes from all over the world, and guests were invited to bring their own dishes.

“People were really generous in offering food for the event, we had some amazing dishes to try and I want to thank everyone who has supported this event,” said Adrian Brooks, Assistant Chaplain.

There is still time to join the CAFOD Lent appeal

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Wrekenton school pupils raise money for CAFOD

A Wrekenton primary school have raised money for CAFOD’s Lent Fast Day appeal after holding a number of fun activities.

St Oswald's

Children from St Oswald’s enjoyed many fun activities

Schoolchildren from St Oswald’s primary school enjoyed a film night and non-uniform day, as well as donating their unwanted pennies.

The money generously donated will go to CAFOD’s Lent appeal, which this year is focused on the story of a Zambian woman called Florence and the theme of turning little fish into big fish.

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