Meet Patricia

CAFOD supporters take on many creative ideas and initiatives but there is one CAFOD supporter who has bee20171130_111454n using her writing talents to raise funds for CAFOD for over twenty years. Her name is Patricia Thompson of St Joseph’s Parish, North Shields. Patricia is a Health Care Assistant at a local hospital and in spite of working long hours and  awkward shift patterns she manages to write some  great poetry and faith reflections.  Patricia has been writing since her Father died in 1995.  Patricia, pictured right with just some of the books she has produced over the years, said that “When she has written enough poems or reflections she puts them together in a book which she gets photocopied at her own expense and sells the books to parishioners at church”. this year so far she has raised almost £500 for CAFOD. Here’s one of Patricia’s poems from September 2016 entitled “I Look To You” Continue reading

Power to be in our schools

St Joseph Primaary power to be1CAFOD Schools Volunteer, Margaret Hodgson has been doing great work on Power To be in some of our schools encouraging students to think about renewable and environmentally friendly energy.  Margaret said “The students explored global statistics and then discussed what shocked them, surprised them and what gave them hope”

CAFOD Hexham & Newcastle Memorial Mass

CAFOD in Hexham and Newcastle Memorial Mass was offered by Fr Colm Hayden at theIMG_20171126_121403 church of St Joseph in the Parish of Durham Martyrs on Sunday 26 November. Over 200 hundred people attended . Parishioners commented on how they felt the Mass was a beautiful occasion and it was wonderful to see the CAFOD Book of Remembrance brought to the altar during the offertory procession.

CAFOD Community Participation Coordinator and Permanent Deacon, David Cross (pictured right holding the CAFOD Book of Remembrance) preached the homily and Fr Colm drew attention to the Book of Remembrance. Prayers were offered for all the  deceased in our book and for deceased parishioners of Durham Martyrs Parish.

Many thanks to Fr Colm and all  the parishioners for their warm welcome and generous support of CAFOD.